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A guide to hypnosis and positive thinking: Change the Input, Change the Output

We have all heard many times that we are what we eat, but we also are what we think. Our thoughts are our constant companions and they can bring us up or down. Our thoughts can empower us or deplete us. The good news is that you can choose what thoughts you allow to act upon your mind. If a thought is helpful you can allow it to linger. If a thought is detrimental, you can eject it upon receipt. You can choose to direct your thoughts and be the gatekeeper of what goes in and out of your mind. Instead of being a victim of random thoughts, you can revel in your ability to choose and use clear, productive, self-loving thoughts.

By keeping your thoughts and attitude positively directed, it becomes easier to succeed. This success can be in self-healing, in professional development, in spiritual pursuits, in love, and in all other areas of your life. Most certainly, your positivity will fuel your creativity and aid you as a writer. The more positive your attitude is about your ability to write, the easier your ideas will manifest into written words and turn into books. That is far better than letting the dreaded, nasty and highly detrimental “B” word funk up your subconscious and halt your progress. I believe the B word to be so detrimental that I choose to not say it to myself, to others, or even to spell it out fully. Remember, you are what you think. You are what you think. You are what you think.

By thinking of your creativity and ability to write as ever flowing, you can turn on your metaphoric faucet and let your best writing and ideas flow wherever you are, with or without your devices.

My friend and hypnotism colleague, Robert Otto, gave a lecture once before a national professional convention. During the lecture he encouraged people to think positively in regards to losing weight and quitting smoking. His words helped to counter the negative messages that people tend to impose upon themselves when engaging in these processes.

He pointed out that instead of saying: “When I quit smoking, I will gain weight,” why not say instead: “When I quit smoking I will become incredibly wealthy?” Additionally, instead of saying: “Why should I bother to lose weight when I know I will gain it all back?” Why not say instead: “This time I will lose the excess weight forever and find love and win the lottery.”

This same process of redirecting your thoughts can be helpful in many areas of your life.

You really can decide to have an improved mindset in all your considerations. As you do so, your life becomes more rewarding, joyful, and fun. For example, if you dislike housework, play upbeat music while doing it and open up the curtains and let the light into your home. You will soon notice that your energy rises to the music. Since your home is an extension of your physical body, anytime you improve its condition, you will become energized and feel happier.

If you have to be in a situation with a person who is unpleasant, you can decide in advance that the more unpleasant he or she behaves, the happier and more loving you will become.


If you have to take a long drive, you can decide to see the beauty around you, because whenever you look for beauty you see many lovely things that you otherwise may have missed. You can remember happy times whenever you travel so the time is healing, pleasant, and joyful.

There are all kinds of ways to improve your state of mind and your enjoyment of life. Your attitude is based on your choices and you can choose to find more pleasure in your life by having an attitude that truly serves the situation you are in.

Today I will open all the window shades and let the light pour in.

If someone tries to block my light, I will smile and say something nice to him or her realizing that my light becomes a part their light and it helps us both to glow. Inner light generates happiness and contentment. Today I am happy. I am shining and glowing and I hope you can feel it and share it with me. All my inner lights are ON and I feel a shower of gratitude sweeping over me. Ahhhh . . .

Godspeed, Julie Griffin

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